965A 1100 Multibeam Imaging

The Imagenex Model 965A 1.1 MHz is an advanced, high-speed, high-resolution, multibeam imaging sonar system that has been designed to provide simple, reliable, and accurate representation of underwater images.

The system consists of an underwater sonar head connected by Ethernet to a Windows™ based computer.

965A 1100 Multibeam Imaging

Underwater Hardware Specifications


1.1 MHz

Transducer Beam Width

Receive:  80° (horizontal) x 15° (vertical)
Transmit:  80° (horizontal) x 15° (vertical) 

Effective Horiz. Beam Width



120, 240, 480

*Data is acquired at full resolution every shot:  processing the data for screen display on a PC can slow the system at highest number of beams.  120 beam mode is recommended for real time data acquisition.  The data can then be played back at highest resolution (480 beam).

Range Resolution

0.2% of range 

Min. Detectable Range

0.5 m

Max. Operating Depth

1000 m and
2000 m available

Frame Rate

Up to 40 fps

Interface to PC

Standard:  10/100 Mbps Ethernet (10 BASE-T or 100 BASE-TX) using TCP/IP

Max. Cable Length

Standard:  100 m on CAT5e


End mounted, 8 conductor, wet mateable (Subconn MCBH8M-AS)

Power Supply

22 – 32 VDC at less than 25 Watts


See Drawing

Weight in Air

1000 m unit:  1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)

2000 m unit:  TBA

Weight in Water

1000 m unit:  0.045 kg (0.01 lbs)

2000 m unit:  TBA


1000 m unit:  6061-T6 Aluminum, Epoxy, PVC, Aluminum connector

2000 m unit:  Titanium, Expoxy, PVC, Titanium connector



Software Specifications


Windows™ Operating System

Windows™ XP, Vista, 7, 8 , 10

Display Modes

Sector, Linear, Perspective, Profile, Beam Test 

Persistence (Trail)

1 – 300 seconds 

Range Scales

0.5 m - 30 m

Sector Size


File Format


Recommended Minimum Computer Requirements

Intel Core i5 Processor
1 TB Hard Disk
1024 x 768 screen resolution
Wire Ethernet Port (10/100)

Ordering Information

1000 m Unit


2000 m Unit


1.1 MHz

Option               -034

Right Angle Connector

Option               -010

IP Address

Option               -020
*Note:  Standard IP Address is
          A different IP Address may be specified upon ordering.

965A 1100 Multibeam Imaging


  • High speed
  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
  • Programmable
  • Simple set-up and installation
  • 0.5 m to 30 m range scales
  • Integrated Video Capture and Display
  • Raw data available to user


  • ROV, AUV, & UUV
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Sunken Timber Recovery
  • Diving Support
  • Surveying
  • Search & Recovery
  • Inspection
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Scientific Research
  • Harbour Surveillance

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