Imagenex was founded in 1988 by pioneers in the development of high-resolution imaging and profiling sonar. Within two years the company had produced its first sonar– an imaging head for the commercial underwater industry that was the unheard-of size of a coffee mug and rated for 300 metres depth.

Company milestones include introducing the industry’s first digital colour imaging sonar that could be operated from a computer without a dedicated processor in 1995; introducing a sidescan sonar in 2000 with a revolutionary price/performance ratio; and developing a high quality, compact and cost-effective multibeam sonar with obstacle avoidance or profiling configurations and optional depth ratings to 6,000 metres.

It is the company’s development of the lightweight, cost-effective Delta T multibeam sonar unit that is successfully bringing the benefits of real-time, high-resolution, 3D visualization within reach of operators that previously had to settle for mechanical scanning single-beam devices.

The combination of reduced cost, high quality imaging and functionality of the Delta T and other Imagenex products has been increasing its popularity in the scientific market, and for commercial, recreational, and search and rescue (SAR) applications around the globe.

Search tools like sidescan and sector-scan imaging sonar are indispensable in finding shipwrecks, downed aircraft, pipelines, cables, anchors or lost cargo. Other applications include inspections, underwater engineering and construction, offshore oil and gas exploration support, underwater archaeology and environmental surveys.